A Season of Rebirth

Every season has its own energy. We all respond to those energies. We just don’t respond to them in exactly the same way.

October 31st, Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve… or any other name you prefer for this day, has always felt to me like the start of a new year. Now is the start of a season when seeds deep underground begin to germinate. We realize that the year is about to end so we look back and take stock of what we accomplished and what plans we made but didn’t realize. Everything you will accomplish in the coming year will take seed in these winter months. It is the true start of all that is to be. It is the seed of your rebirth. And it begins with looking back. 

You can smell the magic in the air tonight. And if you pay attention closely, you can even see it. 

It is a night to pay respects to the dead because they can hear us easier. More importantly, we can hear them. Light a candle for your ancestors and loved ones on the other side. Let them know that they are still remembered and still loved. 

Spend some time looking back. Pay attention to the stories that pop into your head. Remember that thing that your grandmother told you? Remember that story that your mother told about your great-uncle that passed away? Remember that smile from that loved one that is no longer with you? 

That’s them talking to you. That’s them telling you that they love you. 

We cannot move forward without looking back. 

We need a reference point for everything in our lives or else we do not fully understand it and looking back gives us that reference point. 

We are the result and culmination of nearly countless generations before us, their collective experiences, and their wisdom. 

The countless decisions we have made in our own lives shape who we are today. So what decisions led me to be exactly where I am tonight?

This is everything that swirls in my head (and in my spirit) today as it has done every year for as long as I can recall. That’s why tonight is the night of rebirth. Looking back and planning forward. 

I look back on the last year and it’s difficult to the count the changes that have taken place in me and in the world around me. While the world has gone mad and fallen off its moral center, I have actually gotten centered, found out who I am and who I want to be. I have understood what is important to me and what I want to give to those around me. Some call this finding fulfillment but I think that’s true only when you get out of your own head and actually DO something with it. 

That’s what I’m doing. In this season of rebirth, I am bringing Midnight Naturals back. It will be different. It will be more. I have so much to share with you and I need to learn how to do that. As my journey continues, there is so much for us to learn together, to explore, and to play with. In a time when there is no greater act of courage than to speak the Truth, I have to start speaking. I have to start speaking for myself and for others that cannot. 

Midnight Naturals is evolving. We will talk about life. We will talk about how to heal ourselves and our loved ones. We will share the Truth. And, yes, I will still cook up the best natural deodorant out there and make my elixir for you. Instead of making products on-demand, I’m going to work on making big batches about 4 times a year (next product batch: mid-November). That way, you can stay stocked up and I can put more energy into the other parts of the journey that I cannot wait to share with you. 

I have looked back and now I see the way forward. One step at a time, I am walking towards a future that fills me with hope and joy. I invite you to walk with me. Our paths may be different, but we still can walk together. 

With love and light,


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