The Gaia Thesis

The Gaia Thesis is an ecological hypothesis proposing that all organic and inorganic components of the Earth are closely interconnected to form a single living, thriving organism. It is named after the primordial Greek titan Gaia that is the personification of “Mother Earth”. Because this theory is named after the ancient Greek “goddess of earth” and based on scientific analysis of how the planet functions to create the most suitable living conditions it seems to me to be a perfect blend of the spiritual and scientific. 

When I first read about it, I was amazed that the underlying principle, that all life and matter on this planet is intimately interconnected, reflects a lot of the spiritual beliefs that I hold dear. When I decided to create a blog to share the home-care recipes that I’ve been experimenting with, it seemed absolutely perfectly appropriate to name the blog The Gaia Thesis. 

I believe that living in the concrete jungle cuts us off from Gaia and prevents us from understanding, truly understanding, everything that She can and does give us. I started talking to my plants when I was a kid. I started telling them how much I love them and how much I want them to grow and flourish. Since I was allowed to go anywhere on my own, I would sneak away to the little lake by my house and sit under the trees and soak in the energy that the plants and earth gave me.. and I would send back out unbridled love and adoration.

Imagine sitting under a tree and listening to the birds sing… listen to the wind rustle the leaves and feel its soft touch on your skin… look past “the ground” to see the rich soil and the myriad of little bugs scuttling around doing what they were created to do…. feel the roots of the tree beneath you and feel how truly deep into the ground they go…feel the roots extend down and feel yourself sink into the earth and touch the depths that it extends to… that feeling that you get when you do that, is Gaia. 

I really enjoy the idea of communal sharing of ideas and practices that are not only natural, save us money, stick it to the man a little bit, but also put us in closer touch with the living and breathing Mother beneath our feet. Some of you have been living this lifestyle for much longer than I have.. and some of you are just discovering it. You might have recipes that you can share with me and the rest of the readers and I highly encourage that. You probably have thoughts, meditations, and practices that foster a way of life that is more connected to nature and I highly encourage sharing that too.  

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